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The following speeches are among those presented by Mr Thomas, in addition to
After Dinner Talks and Moderating Conferences and Corporate Seminars:- 

1.     Corporate & Business Seminars, UK, USA, South America, Europe, Asia, Middle East
    "Corporate Communication Strategy"
    "Public Speaking, Presentation and Media Skills"
    "Modern Media Campaigning"
    "Internal Communications"
    "Public Sector Press and Media Relations"
    "Event Management"
    "Political Campaigning"
    "Creating a Total Service Culture"
    "Internal Customer Relations"
    "Building a Philosophy of Excellence"

    "Influencing and Lobbying Skills in Today's Business World" 

2.    P.R. for the Public Sector, International Conference, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
    "A Strategic Unified Approach in Government Media Relations"

3.    Consortium for Global Education (USA)   
    "Educational Partnerships - Drivers of Reform in a Hostile Globe"

4.    "Cormorant Lecture" Joint Services Command and Staff College (UK)
    "The Psychology of Crowd Management"

5.    International Broadcasters Conference, Acapulco (Mexico)
    "Strategic Sales and Marketing"
    "Developing Corporate Communications"

6.    Centre for Political and Diplomatic Studies, (Oxford University and Slovenia)
    "Presentation and Media in Public Diplomacy"

7.    British Council Krakow, "Europe 2021" (Poland)
    "The European Citizen - myth or reality?"

8.    The Institute of Direct Marketing (UK)
    "So You Think You're Communicating ...?" 

9.    International Democrat Union (Singapore)
    "Using the Communication Specialists" 

10.  Anderson College, South Carolina (USA)
    "The Middle East:  Distant Neighbours, Immediate Concerns" 

11.  Inbound Tourism Organisation of Australia,  Canberra
    "Touching the World - The Art of Communication" 

12.  Ericsson Transeed Masterclass (Sweden)
    "Presentation in a Competitive Environment" 

13.  Best Practice in Change Management Conference (UK)
    "The Role of Communication in Change" 

14.  BMATT, Accra (Ghana)
    "The Military and the Media" 

15.  United Bank of Switzerland (UBS), Zurich (Switzerland)
    "Communication in Times of Success and Crisis" 

16.  Campbellsville University, Kentucky (USA)
    "Justice, Retribution or Reconciliation?"  

17.  Confederation of Finnish Industry, Helsinki (Finland)
    "Personal and Corporate Communication Strategy" 

18.  Moderator:  The Atlanta Interfaith Forum (USA)
    "Bridges of Faith in a Broken World" 

19.  Graduate Business School St Gallen (Switzerland)
    "Integrating Communication, Leadership and Strategy" 

20.  CSIR Pretoria (South Africa)
    "Event Management - Putting on the Style"